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6. Wakanda Beats Are Those?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

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Those that know me know I have a slight obsession with the Black Panther movie. I was ready to buy my ticket to Wakanda in 2016 (I even tried unsuccessfully to get a part as an extra in the film). When the movie premiered during American History Month 2018 (Known to non-Wakandans as Black History Month) I had my ticket to the premiere fan event. Needless to say, the movie exceeded my high expectations and was a bright spot during a tumultuous time. I loved it so much that I returned 8 more times before the month was up. One of the best compliments I received after the film was when a coworker said that I looked like I was from Wakanda. (Finally, someone understood the look I was going for!) I also had a European vacation planned for that spring break and with that came the need for new headphones. Traveling without wires makes life so much easier and with my recent fondness for gold accessories (because I'm royal AF) these headphones were just what my highness was after. However, why be king if anyone can rock your crown? If I was going to be Wakandan royalty (at least in my head) Shuri would have to make me the most kick-ass pair of Vibrainium headphones ever...with my design of course! Because a king needs two things: options and custom shit!¶

  • So my initial design was created by hand with a ruler, paint pen and a host of handmade stencils...it looked great for a couple of weeks but then the design wore off.¶

  • I could not have people look at me and my headphones like "What are those!?!" So an alternative had to be found.¶

I decided to use the Cricut to redo my original design in vinyl. When I finally figured out how to execute that in the Cricut Design Space I got to work.¶

  • But first, I gotta remove the old design.¶

  • This is easily done with a microfiber cloth and a spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol¶

  • A touch of elbow grease and the headphones are like new¶

  • After making my design digital and doing some math (sigh) I got all of the pieces sized to fit the varying parts of the headphones.¶

  • You can't tell but those white strips are my cut designs (but you figured that cause "You smart!" *DJ Khaled Voice*😉 )¶

Can you read Wakandan?


  • This is the same font from the movie (...and yes, I have a Wakandan font on my computer.)¶


  • And the back is designed to say the same thing (L to R) no matter where you are looking from.¶


  • The headband was designed to mimic the Okavango pattern on T'Challa's suit and when worn behind the head would appear crown-like or like jewelry if around the neck.¶


  • The sides are similar as they both feature my version of the Dora Milaje, on guard to protect my ears from bad music and keep haterz at arm's length... MOVE or you will be moved!¶


  • I wanted to add a bit of variety to the left and right sides. So the geometric pattern, that was based on the floor of Shuri's laboratory (photo below), creates some asymmetry in the sides by using the same pattern but flipped upside down.¶

My Dora were originally just an outline, but inverting the design has them clearly presented making it very clear that you should approach the throne with caution! I love everything about this design and while it may not always look fresh from the lab, the Cricut ensures that the crown jewels will stay fresh with minimal effort. Replacing any part that doesn't meet the royal standard can be changed pretty quickly. Wearing these headphones reminds me that I do thangs and to continue to treat myself with the reverence and dignity of a Head of State. -- That's called self-care-- and that sense of pride always crafts intrigue.¶

...Also in case you forgot what time it is... ⌚ 🙅🏾‍♂️¶

Addendum: In the wake of the unexpected and tragic loss of Chadwick Boseman I was left with no choice but to reflect on his influence on me and my work. Mr. Boesman through his grace, compassion, and strength showed me through his work how true regality could appear in our everyday lives. It is his lessons that I will carry with me forever and I'm sure will continue to influence my work for a lifetime. He was a real-life Wakandan and the world is better for having him. I wish his family and friend peace in their time of need. We lost a King... Wakanda Forever!

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