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10. Jurassic Stool III: The Fallen Kingdom

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

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My good friends Candice and John are proud parents to two boys, adding to my list of uncle duties I was very proud to also be asked to be their god father. It was their eldest's birthday and I decided to crank out another dino stool (💩). Everything about it's construction is the same as my previous projects < Jurassic Stool > and <Jurassic Stool 2>. I really have enjoyed playing with variations on the original design and experimenting with different techniques. I wanted this one to feel subtle and sophisticated yet playful so I used a similar color scheme to my <Adirondack Chair>. I was unable to give it to him in person because they live in New York but because I'm magical they serendipitously called to tell me they were passing through the area to visit family so I was able to give it to Graham in person after all.

  • I wanted to keep this stool simple with personal and handcrafted touches. So I decided to forgo the visual effect of the cut out (giving me a reprieve from the scroll saw) and picked up my wood burning kit.

  • My silhouette of the brontosaurus always needed too much explanation. I drew out the remaining body outline added spots and VIOLA! "Welcome to Jurassic Park!"

  • The T-Rex was also burned in. After I stained the stool and prepared it for finishing touches.

  • Time to boot up the Cricut Explorer...

  • Since I was not removing any material from the leg I could add an eye using a small vinyl dot. I also thought the "RAWR!!" (done in vinyl) was a fun touch.

Lastly, I added my godson's name in black vinyl using the Cricut Explorer and then gave the stool a coat of poly.

With all of my gift's I like to add a quote tucked discreetly on the object to be found later.

I am proud to report that the little guys loves his stool! It has been helpful as he brushes his teeth and using the potty. Hopefully mine will be the only T-Rex to join him in the bathroom. You really have to be careful with them --they pop up unexpectedly. Even though this stool came together faster than the others the same amount of love was put into the finish product. The sanding makes you want to touch it--put your feet on it--become enamored with it. When your gift is worth a crap! That is when you know you've crafted intrigue.

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